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Our team comprises of young, highly talented and sophisticated individuals who have worked in the fashion industry for some time, all of our clothing are designed from birth.We dispatch our clothing from the land down under Australia and have been relatively known as globe trotters, we are internationally recognised by over 30 different countries and ship worldwide.

Idris™ profoundly consists of talented designers masterminding the creativity of raw ethical workmanship on an internationally recognised level. Designers are a combination of Australian and European talent that have come together to elaborate the story of Idris and his love for fashion.

Idris also known as Enoch and Hermes Trismegistus was born in Babylon known as ‘the Interpreter’ the concept then evolved into perspective, he was not only an astronomer but also the first man to ever teach the art of making garments.

Today the name lives on, an art embedded centuries ago his legacy lives on.
Idris promises to provide impeccible craftsmanship across the globe, join our realm of belief that anything is possible.

Patience Perseverance and the exaltation to a higher station. Let history repeat itself